create a Read Only User in weblogic


Creating a Read only user is very simple in weblogic. Please follow the below steps to create read only user.

1. Login into Weblogic Admin Console as administrator credentials. Then got to security realms -> myrealm(default realm), Now you will see a Tab users and groups, Click on thatand  create a new user say “READ~_USER” with some password “PASSWORD”.

2. Once user is created, click on that username. In this users details tab, select Groups Tab. On left side you will see bunch of Groups. Select group by name “Monitors”. Click o right arrow image to add him under that Group. This user is going to have only read only access in the weblogic.

3. Logout and close the browser. Open a new browser window. Now login with this new user and you should achieve what you want.

R Vashi

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