Debugging Flex applications, Flash trace outputs on the fly


We all know that in today’s world RIA applications are becoming hot trend especially Adobe Flex has played a crucial role in that.
But one thing which i have felt is the runtime debugging in case if you caught with some bug which seems to be simply UI issue.

Flex support a logging mechanism where you can use like Java supports (Remote Logging). Also you can trace the flow using trace function in flex, but that only helps when you are running the application from IDE integrated plug-in for example flex plug-in for Eclipse. There you can see the trace logs in the console provided by the IDE, But what about when application goes into the production and throwing UI errors,  there you feel handicapped as only thing you have to do is to replicate the same scenario in your local environment and trace that. But it is a time consuming activity.

As I have faced lots of issues like mentioned above and found myself in wasting time replicating the issues found on production environment due to flex runtime errors. And finally one day after going through lots of blogs and discussion I found a workaround where I can debug the flex error traces on the fly also flex trace function output. It is fairly very simple while implementing.

On Windows.
Step 1:
Go to <<drive_name>>\documents and settings\<<USER_HOME>>\

Step 2:
Create a new file and save that as mm.cfg

Step 3:
Open that file and add the below parameters and save it

After that access your application URL. And go to the below location
<<drive_name>>:\documents and settings\<<USER_HOME>>\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\Logs

You will find a file named flashlog.txt generated by Flash player on the fly to write all the flow or error traces.

**********NOTE: This works with Flash Debug Player

Hope this helps all out there.

R Vashi

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