Creating keystore file on Weblogic


Follow the below steps on creating keystore file on Weblogic.

Step:1 Set the weblogic home in classpath
set Weblogic classpth using setWLSEnv.cmd

Step:2 Run CertGen to generate the certificate for your domian and key for the certificate
java utils.CertGen -cn SERVER.DOMAIN.COM -keyfilepass DemoIdentityPassPhrase -certfile mycertificate -keyfile mykey

Step 3: Create a .pem for the certificate. (PEM stands for Privacy Enhanced Mail.It is a file format used to hold digital certificates.)
java utils.ImportPrivateKey -keystore DemoIdentity.jks -storepass DemoIdentityKeyStorePassPhrase -keyfile mykey.pem -keyfilepass DemoIdentityPassPhrase -certfile mycertificate.pem -alias demoidentity

Step:4 Copy the newly created demo identity key store to $WL_HOME/server/lib directory, restart admin and node manager.

R Vashi

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