SSL debugging in weblogic

Hi All,

SSL debugging provides more detailed information about the SSL events,

The SSL debug trace displays information about:

  • Trusted certificate authorities
  • SSL server configuration information
  • Server identity (private key and digital certificate)
  • The encryption strength
  • Enabled ciphers
  • SSL records that were passed during the SSL handshake
  • SSL failures detected by WebLogic Server (for example, trust and validity checks and the default host name verifier)
  • I/O related informatioN

Use the following command-line properties to enable SSL debugging: -Dssl.debug=true -Dweblogic.StdoutDebugEnabled=true

SSL debugging dumps a stack trace whenever an ALERT is created in the SSL process. The types and severity of the ALERTS are defined by the Transport Layer Security (TLS) specification.



R Vashi.

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