Use main ant build file call sub build file

Hi All,

In this article I will explain how to call the sub build.xml files. Whenever we have bigger project code base then it is always very much required to have small build script files. For example for Code review reports we can go for separate build script files, and we can invoke this script file from the main build script file. This will give ease in maintaining the build scripts and ease to read.

To invoke a sub build script file simply make the below call.

<target name="startBuild" description="Build the project" depends="someOtherRequiredStepTask">
<!-- Here we will call the sub build script file -->
<!-- If you want to pass on the same environment(properties) to the sub file set inheritall="true" -->

<antfile="/module1/build.xml" inheritall="false">

H T H.

R Vashi

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