Change port number in Tomcat

Hi All,

Sometime we encounter a situation where we start facing a problem of port confliction with other services with Tomcat Server. In Tomcat changing a port is quite very Easy. And can perform the same activity on all the versions.

Below I will show how to change the Tomcat default port 8080 to 8089.


1. Go to Tomcat Root/conf

2  Locate the Server.xml

3  In Server.xml, Find the below lines

<!– Define a non-SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8080 –>

<Connector port=”8080″/>

4 Now change the 8080 to 8089

5 Restart the tomcat and access the application on newly changed port. e.g http://localhost:8089/myApp/

Hope this helps.


R Vashi

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