Configure Ethernet Connection(internet) in Ubuntu


In this post I will show how to set up an ADSL connection.You need to have to an Internet Service Provider, and your Internet connection must be installed and functional. You will need to configure your username and password for the connection. You must also have an ethernet card connected to your PPPoE modem with the correct type of cable.

And before going further make sure you have the PPPoE package installed in your ubuntu version. This package is installed by default, but can be missing if the configuration has been changed.

If missing login as root admin: open terminal type apt-get install pppoeconf

Now lets see how to setup a modem.

Open Applications → Accessories → Terminal

In the terminal type: sudo pppoeconf

A text-based menu program will guide you through the next steps, which are:
1. Confirm that your Ethernet card is detected.
2. Enter your username.
3. Enter your password.
4. If you already have a PPPoE Connection configured, you will be asked if it may be modified.
5. Popular options: you are asked if you want the “noauth” and “defaultroute” options and to remove “nodetach” – choose Yes.
6. Choose Yes for Use peer DNS –
7. Choose Yes for Limited MSS problem.
8. Choose Yes for When you are asked if you want to connect at start up.
9. Finally you are asked if you want to establish the connection immediately.

4.  Once done, your connection should be working.

To start your ADSL connection on demand, in a terminal type:  sudo pon dsl-provider

To stop your ADSL connection, in a terminal type:  sudo poff dsl-provider

PS: Make sure to configure the basic firewall(Firestarter very popular), as it is recommended to protect the system from vulnerable attacks.

R Vashi

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