Installing Gadgets(screenlets) in Ubuntu


One good thing I liked most about Windows 7 is the Desktop Gadget Feature, Very small widgets displaying different contents like weather information, clocks etc etc. I was searching for the same thing in Ubuntu and found a term called “Screenlets”, These are small programs that float on the desktop and provide specific but useful functionality, such as telling the time, displaying a calendar, or showing the weather same like as I described for Windows 7 Gadgets.

To install the same follow the below steps.

1. Choose  System Menu -> select Administration  ->  Synaptic Package Manager.

2. Package Manager dialog box, search for the keyword “screenlets“,  this will bring down the packages “Screenlet, Screenlet-docs”,

3. Check the “Screenlets” and click on “Mark For Installation

4. Now click on Apply button to download and install the packages.

5.  Once installation finish. Quit the Package Manager.

6. Go to Application Menu -> Accessories -> Screenlets

7. Screenlets dialog will appear with all the gadgets..oops screenlet. Click on the clock screenlet and on the left side click on “Launch/Add“.

Now Screenlets are ready to decorate your desktop. ENjoy!!! UBUNTU.

R Vashi

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