Production Deployment(versioning) in weblogic

Hi All,

In this article I will explain the process of Production Deployment(versioning) deployment in weblogic. In End users environment few core applications requires all time availability to provide nonstop services to the end users. In that case weblogic is having a magnificent feature which provides the support of versioning of the application. Where we don’t have to manually undeployed the current application we can simply make that application retired. This also help us as a fall back option if something went wrong with the latest application deployment.

Please find below the steps.

Step 1: Set the weblogic home environment i.e. [WLS_home]/wlserver_10.3/server/bin/setWLSEnv.cmd

Step 2: java weblogic.Deployer -adminurl t3://localhost:9001 -username weblogic -password weblogic -deploy -name myCurrentApp -appversion VesionA -retiretimeout 30 -targets AdminServer -source myNewWar.ear

[NOTE] This works only when you deploy intial application with VERSION Value. If no version found than it will throw exception on the Console.

The “retiretimeout” is the time when the Current Active Application will become Retired. It will also help not losing the session details of all the user immediately, Weblogic will simply wait for the time interval specified in the attribute value. Once time value achieved all the request will start going to the newly deployed application.

If you login to Admin console you will notice in the deployment screen the Version number of the application.

In Case if we want to undeploy the application then simply add the “-undeploy” in the command options without source application option.

java weblogic.Deployer -adminurl t3://localhost:9001 -username weblogic -password weblogic -undeploy -name myCurrentApp -appversion VesionA -targets AdminServer

Hope this helps.

R Vashi.